Sitemap - 2022 - Alpha Schedule - Your Weekly NFT Newsletter

DeGods to Ethereum, BAYC Kicks Off The Trial Of Jimmy The Monkey, and the LastPass attacker copied Seed Phrases

Yuga Labs Appoints new CEO, Metamask Partners With PayPal, and Sam Bankman-Fried Behind Bars

Yuga Labs Adds to Portfolio, Nike Creates NFT Marketplace, and Azuki to Race in F1

CZ stops crypto market meltdown by buying FTX

Rick & Morty Creator’s Art Gobblers Renew Debate Over NFT Influencer Ethics

Are Reddit’s NFT the Key to Mass Adoption?

Magic Eden makes a controversial NFT decision

SEC is investigating Bored Apes creator Yuga Labs

Lazarus hackers drop malware via Crypto job offers

Apple has decided to let developers sell NFTs

SEC Claims Ethereum Falls Under US Jurisdiction

Wrangler Jeans ties up with Deadfellaz

FIFA launches digital World Cup collectibles

X2Y2 implements flexible royalty options

MTV introduces the 'Best Metaverse Performance' award

OpenSea introduces new stolen item policy to combat NFT theft

Tiffany sells out all 250 NFTs for $50,000 each

Solana opens physical store in New York City

NFT Worlds Collapses As Minecraft Bans NFTs

Tony Hawk To Create Web3’s Biggest Skatepark

Alpha Schedule #21 - Nike-owned RTFKT Grants CloneX Holders Commercial Rights

Alpha Schedule #20 - OpenSea suffers email address data breach 😵 (+ Allowlist giveaway!)

Alpha Schedule #19 - Pharrell Williams Joins Doodles

Alpha Schedule #18 - Anthony Hopkins About To Buy The Dip

Alpha Schedule #17 - Former Twitter CEO announces WEB5

Alpha Schedule #16 - Kanye West's Yeezus Jumps Into NFTs

Alpha Schedule #15 - Gamestop's WEB3 wallet is here

Alpha Schedule #14 - 0xCAREERS, a WEB3 Job board is here!

Alpha Schedule #13 - Shady Founder Crashes Azuki Floor

Alpha Schedule #12 - Elon Musk, a troll or an ape?

Alpha Schedule #11 - OpenSea acquires NFT aggregator

Alpha Schedule #10 - Snoop Dogg Launches Digital Weed

Alpha Schedule #9 - Free mental health support for NFT holders

Alpha Schedule #8 - 😵 Ubisoft Rug Pulls NFT Gamers

Alpha Schedule #7 - NFTs Takeover the City of Angels 🌇 😇

Alpha Schedule #6 - 👮 Frosties creators charged with Fraud after rug pull

Alpha Schedule #5 - 🏆 Scavenger Hunt Unveils Meebits NFT (+ WL Giveaway)

Alpha Schedule #4 - BAYC has some KYC drama brewing 😳 (+ WL Giveaway)

Alpha Schedule #3 - WEB3 RELI3FS ❤️

Alpha Schedule #2 - Selling NFTs from a vending machine

Alpha Schedule #1 - Your Weekly NFT Calendar is here!